Traveling today in such a way as to be able to keep going tomorrow

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How Southern Star Travel Values Sustainability

  • Environmental Awareness and Advocacy
  • Acknowledging Good and Problematic Practices of Locals
  • Executing: 'Better Than You Found It' Mentality

Southern Star Travel prides itself in balancing the two sides of fully experiencing every destination and making conscious efforts in preserving the communities and environments visited.

Southern Star Travel intends to execute sustainability and education by practicing the art of cultural appreciation:

  • listening and observing
  • connecting and exploring

...upholding the belief of leaving every place visited more enriched through an international effort of respect, presersvation and education.

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We want to grow into the number one eco-friendly tour company and we want to take you with us on this journey

We ask you to ask us! Help us provide a better service by voicing your questions and concerns about sustainability. Questions like:

  • How do you support the protection of nature?
  • How do you help safeguard culture?
  • What is your interpretation of the Leave-No-Trace principal
  • Do you employ locals whenever possible?

We'll take these questions and yours into interviews with potential partners and service providers and make sure our values are clearly aligned. We want your vacation budget to go to others who feel as passionately about traveling and living sustainably in the world as you do.

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Would you rather?

Instead of chain hotels and resorts we opt for lesser known, authentic places though we never sacrifice on comfort or safety.

Would you rather stay in a fancy chain hotel, walled off from the surrounding culture but plugged into the grid or a small but clean and comfortable hospedaje where water is heated by solar arrays? (And if you don't think that water comes out hot from being heated by the tropical sun then come see for yourself!)

Would you rather have drinks brought to you on a resort's private beach by a waiter emulating your culture or have fresh fruit smoothies made in front of you on a bicycle-powered blender by a local who can talk about the organization that built the contraption and how it helps to conserve resources?

Would you rather eat in some fancy dining room, fed food from a loud stainless steel kitchen you can only glimpse as food runners push through swinging doors or in a cozy garden cafe where your food is grown in a garden that grows into the kitchen itself?

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There are better ways to spend your souvenir dollars too

Don’t get us wrong - there are definitely times and places where powered, private transport is the only way to go but if you're like us you'll also enjoy the chance to tour a town and see its sites on foot or from a bicycle seat.

That's how we get off the tourist track and connect you to small business owners who are themselves connected to a community of producers and keep you out of the tourist traps. The alternative is paying too much for poor quality that was produced in factories under less than dignified working conditions.

We invite you to join our journey of discovering and connection. This may mean coming on one of our trips or it could just mean engaging with us as we seek to lead the conversation on sustainable travel and tourism. Together we can see the world and keep our destinations worth traveling to for our children and children's children to experience too!