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About quality of connections to Cuba

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Our mission is to bring Americans to Cuba, make connections and shape the new relationship between our two peoples.

We envision a new era of social responsibility and environmental conscientiousness in Cuba travel.

We will introduce you to Cuban thought leaders in the fields of ecology, economics and tourism science and lead the conversation around the best way for we Americans to travel in Cuba.

We set the tone for sustainability in international travel and tourism by setting positive examples through environmentally responsible best travel practices.

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Where we're coming from

In late 2014 three well traveled friends sat down in Austin, Texas to have a drink and talk about the brand new attitude of the US government towards Cuba. We had no objectives, no agenda, no idea that we were talking about founding a new kind of travel company that would work to bring Americans and Cubans together constructively. By the end of happy hour Southern Star Travel was born.

The afternoon was filled with travel stories, adventures tales, experiences good and bad and a shared vision for something better began to grown in their minds. All three were seasoned Latin American adventurers in their own fashion, who had tasted the beauty of this world, but with a pang of guilt for their impact upon it. Physically. Socially. Culturally. Environmentally.

In conversing they realized that their personal experiences brought them each to the same conclusion: travel is great for the traveler, less so for the host and the planet usually suffers. And in conversing they realized that conversation was the key that would unlock a better way for travelers and tourism companies to be out in the world.

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Between the three of them they had spent more than two decades traveling, living and working in Latin America. Each had taken jobs that suited their skill sets and service ethic in Austin. Sean and Dan served the students at UT from the Health and Safety and Emergency Management departments of the International Office. Ryan was teaching kids to read in English and Spanish at a nearby public school.

A few pieces of paper were filed, we built this website and started scouring the news and engaging people on social media. At the end of the school year Ryan left his career as a teacher and took the first group of Southern Star Travelers to Cuba. Dan took off work to teach the trip having lead several groups into Cuba before and just like that SST was operational.

We are still a young company, only into our second season but, we are energetic and flexible and learn lightening fast. In the short time we've been operating we've made fast and deep connections with Cubans and clients that allow us to do just about anything conceivable in Cuba as well or better than the big guys, and probably cheaper.

We promise... strengthen your understanding of our global community while exceeding your expectations in all the services we provide. take you on a journey of discovery and connection and give you every opportunity before, during and after your trip to make a positive impact with your visit. minimize the negative ecological, financial and cultural impact that traditional vacation travel so often causes.

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